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Chief Clinical Technology Officer and Engineer


Support clients through development and delivery of clinical engineering support programs focused on the analysis of clinical workflow, clinical care models, technology and equipment requirements, equipment replacement and repair, new technology acquisition, clinical technology planning, standardization and optimization, among other factors.  The role requires an understanding of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) requirements as well as federal and state standards and regulations, particularly with respect to Medicare and ACA requirements.


The essential duties of the position include:


1) Designing, planning and leading MASS program with respect to clinical technology planning, assessment, standardization and optimization.


2) Exercising oversight and control over all aspects of clinical engineering and medical equipment asset planning and management, providing lifecycle planning services, reliability analysis, programming and acquisition management, and the design of an effective preventative maintenance program.


3) Being responsible for the design, development and direction of all Clinical Engineering & Technology master plans and Clinical technology budget, programs, and cost schedules.


4) Gathering customer technical, functional, and business requirements to analyze customers' current processes by identifying bottlenecks, configuration and integration issues contributing to higher healthcare costs;


5) Evaluating existing Clinical Engineering programs to align with Healthcare organizations’ vision and mission.

6) Understanding the Healthcare organizations requests for enhancements and new healthcare delivery models and determining what new or adapted clinical technologies would best fit the proposed solution;


7) Preparing schematics of the proposed care delivery models and translating them into specifications for execution.


This position requires a Master of Science degree in electrical, clinical, biomedical engineering or a closely related field as a minimum, plus five years’ experience in clinical engineering, technology planning, operations and maintenance management, three years of which should have been in the management of a hospital clinical engineering program responsible for supervision, budget formulation and execution.  Certification in Clinical Engineering or Professional Engineer designation is also required.  Occasional travel to client sites is required.  Employee may work from home office within Columbus, OH MSA.

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