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A program designed to provide clinical care in the comfort of


and avoid unnecessary hospital visits and stays.



A program designed to minimize the number of unnecessary ER visitshospitalizations, re-admissions, and reduce length of stays.  We achieve these goals by mobilizing a CareDasher to the patient’s home and outfitting them with wearable devices that allow us to monitor themtheir vital signs, and improves patient safety by recognizing early decompensation.  When necessary, we will mobilize credentialed professionals to conduct further diagnostic testing to properly evaluate and prescribe necessary treatment.  Our team of licensed and credentialed professionals – paramedics, LPNs, RNs, NPs, Physicians – will continue to monitor, evaluate, and treat the patient in the comfort of their own home.


Comprehensive 24/7 Services

  • Available @MyHome CareDasher™ (Paramedic, LPN or RN) support

  • Available @MyHome ultrasound support by a certified ultrasound technologist

  • Available @MyHome x-ray support by a certified radiology technologist

  • Remote continuous patient monitoring by a certified patient monitoring specialist

  • Remote continuous nursing support by a licensed nurse, practitioner, or physician assistant

  • Remote Early Warning System (EWS) to recognize decompensation.

  • Remote on-call physician support by a Board-certified physicians

  • Remote on-call Radiology reading support by a Board-certified Radiologists

  • Remote on-call Pathology reading support by a Board-certified Pathologists


Diagnostic Technologies

  • X-Ray 

  • Ultrasound

  • Blood Analyzer

  • Continuous Vitals and Patient monitoring


Monitored Parameters

  • ECG

  • Respiration Rate

  • Heart Rate

  • SPO2

  • Arrythmias

  • Posture

  • Fall Detection

  • NIBP

  • Temperature


Data Portability

  • Access to the Patient Record or transfer of ePHI to a hospital upon request

  • Integration with all Major EHR/EMR vendors



  • Reduces the number of ER visits, hospital admissions, and re-admissions

  • Provides care in the comfort of YOUR HOME

  • Higher patient and family satisfaction

  • Less caregiver stress and better functional outcomes

  • Cost savings of 20% to 30% compared to traditional inpatient care

  • Lower average length of stay

  • Lower HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections)

  • Relieves stress on ERs and staff

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