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The Three Rs of Clinical Technology Planning


  • A thorough review of previously used technology, current technology in use and technology your organization will need in the future allows our clients to invest in appropriate technology without compromising quality.

  • Following this careful review, the Mass Technologies 3R Planning Program helps clients relocate, replace and recycle their equipment. We'll do the heavy lifting, you focus on patient care.

Standards Driven Patient Care Model Planning

  • Our clients are confident their customized Mass Technologies engineering plan will work because we provide a complete project simulation, along with careful analysis of the simulation  findings, before moving forward on the physical structure. 

  • We'll assess workflow and redesign, noise disturbances, proximity delays, congestion, collision, and availability and accessibility of resources making any necessary adjustments before a piece of equipment is moved or installed.

Equipment Planning

  • Mass Technologies assists with selection, procurement, vendor coordination, equipment move-in assistance, commissioning and training, inventory, life expectancy, schematic design, design development, construction documents and administration.

  • We bring a wealth of experience to the application of technology decisions -- our equipment planning expertise provides the link that connects stakeholders to architects and engineers.

  • Every hospital has distinct needs, so our comprehensive planning includes a review of real situations, relevant to each facility. This produces programs that optimize current technology while planning for the future.

  • We work with stakeholders as we document every piece of equipment and build a budget needed for maintenance, which helps to avoid future cost increases. We also provide information on any relocation costs for the entire project.

Strategic Capital Budget Planning

  • Mass Technologies will audit and analyze existing technology, perform a service line technology review and provide an analysis of current market technology.

  • This data enables Mass Technologies to provide a five-year capital budget recommendation and Request for Proposal (RFP) development.

  • Budget projections include a year-to-year projection of costs for maintaining equipment in optimal condition and estimates for the cost of new equipment needed due to volume growth or replacement of equipment for new technology.

Master Planning

  • We offer more than a quick fix. Mass Technologies' plan for optimizing technology leads to achieving overall goals for the facility, including projecting accurately what staffing levels will be needed, and revision of services when necessary.

  • This master plan carries the hospital into the future, saving money in the long run since unexpected issues should not arise – they are planned for!

Transition Planning


  • Moving Day is back-breaking – in more ways than one. Mass Technologies transition planning produces a smooth transfer for patients, staff and your equipment.

  • We ensure your staff is prepared for the opening/transition of your new facility, bringing to life every aspect of the design, from drawings to operational plans, so everyone understands the entire process.

  • We use a systems engineering approach that maximizes both operational and organizational efficiencies.

  • Our team of experts identifies and refines critical process flows. Every move involves obstacles, cultural challenges and workforce implications. Mass Technologies manages it all and ensures your facility will be ready to go!

Patient Care Centered Asset Management

  • Patient care is our top priority. Mass Technologies will never compromise quality as we cost-effectively manage each asset through its lifecycle.

  • Patients have a right to safe and tested medical equipment. Mass Technologies' portable data collection devices provide documented confirmation of all existing inventory.

Annual Clinical Technology Assessment Program


  • Mass Technologies' annual comprehensive report provides the information hospital administrators need to prioritize capital disbursement and budget for technology replacement.

  • Our analysis reviews factors that include, but are not limited to device history, supportability, utilization, clinical effectiveness, advances in technology and risks associated with continued use.

  • We also provide a detailed assessment of current technology by quantity, condition, age, estimated replacement cost and estimated life.

Service Strategy and Contract Analysis

  • Are you getting the proper maintenance at the right time for your clinical technology? Mass Technologies will evaluate your equipment vendor contracts to ensure maintenance plans are up-to-date, and maintenance is carried out properly.

  • We will customize a program to evaluate and strategize maintenance management of clinical technologies before warranty expiration, through replacement. This service includes purchasing support, contract analysis and contract negotiation.

Capital Acquisitions Review

  • Our proprietary capital disposition tool – Q2Q – Quantify to Qualify, is customized for each hospital, bringing objectivity to the most subjective matter in any healthcare organization.

  • Included in this service:

    • comprehensive new product comparison of clinical technologies based on several key criteria

    • participation in customer product evaluations committees

Clinical Technology Optimization Program

  • This program establishes a balance between operational and organizational efficiencies.

  • Standardizes the use of clinical technologies which in turn, optimizes features and results in maximum patient throughput.

  • Includes ROI-based clinical technology planning.

Project Management

  • Our project managers work with owners, architects, contractors and engineers to identify equipment system requirements during the design phase of each project.

  • Provide oversight and management throughout the entire project to ensure that risks are mitigated, and that schedule and budget deadlines are met.

  • Our project managers bring hands-on experience, and the proper skill sets to meet the unique requirements of every project.


Service Activity and Repair Management

  • This Mass Technologies program maximizes a hospital’s medical equipment uptime.

  • Minimal interruptions ensure the delivery of high-quality healthcare each patient deserves.

  • Mass Technologies ensures all regulatory compliance requirements are met.

Alternative Equipment Maintenance (RxAEM™)

  • Defense to CE departments’ decision for deviation.

  • Program assisting with maintenance, servicing and repair of medical equipment.

Reliability Analysis

  • We monitor reliability through the lifecycle of a device.

  • Mass Technologies uses service industry benchmarks, for the evaluation of equipment performance prior to the end of the warranty period.

Clinical Technology Deployment and Activation Program

  • Mass Technologies will assist your hospital with clinical technology acquisitions for new construction or renovation projects.

  • Identify opportunities to enhance patient satisfaction with existing technology optimizing costs and overall investment.

  • We include the review of clinical technology variables and analysis of patient and staff workflow from a systemic perspective.

Biomedical Vendor Screening and Selection Assistance

  • Mass Technologies offers consulting services for hospitals that outsource the clinical or biomedical engineering function. We will qualify Independent Service Providers (ISO) for you.

  • We also assist with policy and procedure analysis and development. 

Installation Support Services

  • Professional equipment staging, delivery and installation services.

  • Mass Technologies monitors and manages the construction schedule to ensure proper equipment phasing for all owner/contractor and vendor installations.

  • This review assures that all mechanical, plumbing and electrical (MEP) requirements are met based on the equipment planned for the project.

  • We manage and submit the project “Punch List” on the client’s behalf to ensure all outstanding issues are coordinated and resolved.

  • We function as a liaison between the client and all other entities on the project.


Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Mass Technologies will evaluate specific services at each site to determine if services are duplicated at multiple locations, providing our clients with an analysis of the value of combining existing technology. This often results in unique “Centers of Excellence” for multiple patient care services when premium equipment from all facilities is relocated to a single site.

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